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Well-maintained tyres are usually the difference between a safe drive and an ill-fated one. Whether it’s braking or handling, tyres play a pivotal role.In fact, they are the only part of your vehicle which comes in contact with the road and ensure safety. But sadly, they are usually the last element to be cared for in a car.

Knowing how easily they could be neglected, we, at CEAT, have created a one-stop solution for all your tyre related concerns - CEAT Shoppe. Equipped with latest tools and machines, along with experienced technicians, CEAT Shoppe offers extensive care to your tyres to make your drives safe and comfortable.

State‑of‑the‑Art Equipment

Latest tools and highly qualified technicians ensure that the tyres get best overall care at CEAT Shoppe.


Computerised Wheel Balancing

CEAT Shoppe makes use of state-of-the-art machines to properly balance the wheels. This ensures enhanced tyre life, precise steering response and a comfortable ride.


Computerised Wheel Alignment

CEAT Shoppe uses LASER and 3D Technology to accurately align the tyres. This helps in reducing uneven tread-wear along with better steering control by preventing vehicle from pulling to one side, thereby making your drives safer.


95% Pure Nitrogen

A tyre inflated with nitrogen is less likely to deflate quickly due to low permeability of the gas. Also, it helps in keeping the tyre cool, especially over long highway runs and prevents blowouts. All CEAT Shoppe outlets are equipped with Nitrogen gauges that inflate tyres with at least 95% pure nitrogen for best results.

World-Class Customer Experience

At CEAT Shoppes, we work towards providing an enriching experience to our customers & best services at all times.

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    • Every CEAT Shoppe has comfortable waiting lounge for the customers
    • Experienced technicians ensure quick turnaround time
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    • Every CEAT Shoppe stocks entire CEAT tyre range to choose from
    • Vast network of 350 CEAT Shoppe across India
    • Trained staff to attend to customers’ queries
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    Service Quality

    • A series of checks help maintain highest standards of quality and services offered
    • Use of latest machinery like tyre changer, aligner, balancer, Nitrogen filling machine
    • Periodic technical training and inspections ensure uncompromising internal standards

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